5 Most Common Drug Addictions


When exploring long-term addiction treatment in Orange County, it is helpful to have a greater understanding of the drugs that are playing the biggest role in this disease. This helps people to see which substances are creating the largest rates of dependency. This information contains statistics for the United States and these drugs are among the most common reasons that people seek out long-term addiction care in Orange County.


Next to tobacco, alcohol is the most common reason why people seek long-term addiction treatment in Orange County. It is estimated that approximately 18 million people struggle with addiction to alcohol. One of the biggest concerns is drunk driving when it comes to this substance. Alcohol poisoning and liver disease are also health issues that people contend with.


It is estimated that about 13.5 million people are living with an addiction to heroin. Since the withdrawal effects can be incredibly harsh, it can be difficult to overcome this addiction. This drug is most commonly used by injecting it into a vein or by snorting it.

Prescription Pain Medications

Prescription pain medications are among the most common drugs people turn to long-term addiction care in Orange County for. Approximately 1.8 million people suffer from an addiction to Oxycodone, Vicodin or another prescription painkiller. Addiction might start with taking these drugs after they are prescribed after an injury or surgical procedure. After taking the drugs for a short while, it is possible to build a tolerance and need higher doses to reduce pain. This is what can make addiction to the drug possible.


Approximately 821,000 people live with an addiction to cocaine. However, the rates of addiction to this drug are starting to decline in the United States. In some cases, people dependent on this drug use it in the form of crack cocaine. This form is smoked and is typically cheaper than the powder form. However, both are incredibly dangerous.


These drugs are commonly prescribed to treat anxiety and intense stress. They include prescription medications, such as Xanax, Klonopin and Valium. It is estimated that about 400,000 people struggle with an addiction to these types of drugs. Even with proper use, it is possible to become dependent due to how these drugs impact the chemical makeup of the brain.

Those who are looking for long-term addiction treatment in Orange County should know that there are effective options. Anyone who has developed a dependency on the drugs listed here, or any others, can learn more about long-term addiction care in Orange County to explore the different treatment methods.