5 Ways to Find Your Dream Law Clerk Job in Government Organization


Every law student who is in the final year of law study, dreams of joining a government organization as a law clerk. But, finding a job in a government organization is not that easy as there are thousands of students every year passing out from various law colleges and looking for government jobs.

Advantage of Law Clerk Jobs in Government Organization

The main advantage of getting a job as a law clerk in a government organization is that, it provides more stability. Government organizations provide good pay and they have relatively flexible working hours. This means you don’t have to sit very late and work on weekends. Due to these advantages, the demand for government jobs is also high.

According to Ellery Gordon, a law clerk in Los Angeles, it is important for students to prepare during their final year in law school, in order to get a job as a law clerk in a reputable firm, government or well known private firm.

5 Ways to Find Your Dream Law Clerk Job in Government Organization

  1. Start Search Early As Possible: To get a government posting, it is important for students to try their job search during their final year itself. Students applying should remember that a government posting usually takes time. Therefore, you will have a good chance of getting the job when you pass out if you apply during your final year in the law school. You can search for jobs in the website of public service commission and apply for suitable openings.
  1. Seek Temporary Government Jobs: Another way to boost your chances of getting into government organizations as a law clerk is to take up temporary jobs in government organizations. Usually government organizations give preference to candidates who have previous experience of working in government organizations, even if it for a short period of time. Therefore, to increase your chance, it is ok to apply for vacancies that are even outside your legal area.
  1. Check with Your Friends and Family Members to See If They Can Help You: Another way to land a government law clerk job is to check with your friends and family and see if they can help you get into a government organization as law clerk. It is always good to seek advice from friends and family members who are working in government organizations so that you know how to go ahead with the government job search.
  2. Learn the Necessary Skills: Even though no additional language skills are needed for a law clerk job, learning French can surely give you some advantage when applying for government jobs in states like Ottawa, were French language is used considerably.
  1. Ready to Relocate: Finally, to get your dream government job as law clerk, you should be ready to relocate to a location where there are openings in government organizations for law clerks.


Working as a law clerk in a government organization offers a lot of advantages and because of this reason more and more people are looking for different ways to get hired. By following the tips given above, you can also improve your chances of getting a government job.