The Art of Software Testing


If software creation is the backbone of your business, you want to know that you have access to the best possible testing procedures. The use of a quality assurance testing company can help to give you peace of mind knowing that your company is delivering a flawless piece of software every time. There are a variety of testing methods that you might want to look for when choosing an offshore software testing company.

Manual Testing

Manual testing covers all of the basic methods of software testing. Here a company will cover database, end-to-end, core functional, UI and database testing. This stage is generally considered the backbone to ensuring quality software.

Mobile Application Testing

Mobile applications are an important way of reaching the marketplace. You’ll want to have application testing performing for mobile devices including Android, iOS and Windows platforms. This is also a good space to perform testing in different languages to determine the compatibility of your product in different countries and cultures.

Automation Testing

Automation testing is a lot like an add-on feature for manual testing procedures. Automation of certain processes using tools such as Selenium and JMeter allows for a much faster testing process. With automation testing technology, end-to-end and regression tests can take less time and perform at higher rates of accuracy.

Compatibility Testing 

Compatibility testing, like mobile application testing, is a way to ensure that your product will run smoothly on multiple different types of platforms. There are a vast number of different web browsers, computer operating systems and mobile device brands. Compatibility testing helps to ensure that your software will run smoothly on all the different devices your customers are using.


MS SharePoint Application Testing


If your business works with MS SharePoint, you know it can be a challenging but similarly rewarding process. An offshore software testing company that has experience with SharePoint project development and testing can be a great asset to your company. MS SharePoint testing allows you to work on applications like LOB or others that need to be able to interface with platforms such as SAP. From the requirements stage to the final UAT, you need to have a functioning and defect free application.


With help from a quality assurance software testing company that covers all of these types of testing, you can feel confident that you are in good hands. Software testing gives you the knowledge that your company has done everything possible to deliver the best products on the market.