Benefits of Using Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Your Device


Corning Glass or Gorilla glass screen is becoming common these days and is being used in most of the smartphones. Even after a Corning screen, you need to add on an extra layer for protecting your device’s screen from breaking.

Tempered Glass screen protectors are increasingly used by smartphone users for protecting their device’s screen. It is basically a glass made up of thermal treatments and controlled chemical for increasing its strength.

First of all, the glass is heated on high temperature. After this, it is cooled by blowers. This way, surface of glass gets 10 times stronger to its initial position, thereby becoming the best glass for your device. This guide will brief you some reasons to pick tempered glass.

Reasons to Buy Tempered Glass

  • More Durability

The key reason to pick tempered glass is its durability. After placing a tempered glass screen protector on your device, you don’t have to worry about your device’s display meeting coins or keys in your pocket.

These glasses can also prevent your display getting scratched from sharp objects. Also, this glass can protect your device against shock of occasional dropping, thereby protecting your display. If fall is severe, your tempered glass may break in small pieces but your screen won’t get damaged at all.


  • Better Feel

Tempered glass screen protector feels like non-existent layer on top and when you touch it, it’s better than conventional plastic. Due to its high durability, performance remains same for a longer time period. It’s very easy to get rid of fingerprint grease with a tempered glass. On the other hand, conventional scratch guard doesn’t feel like a glass, but it appears more to be plastic.


  • Resistant To Smudges and Easy to Clean

With time, conventional scratch guard accumulates scratches and is harder to clean. On the other hand, a tempered glass can be cleaned with use of a handkerchief or tee. It’s easier to clean these glasses due to finger resistant coating of oleophobic.


  • Visibility

Be it a matte finish or glossy screen guard, it has an effect on your screen’s visibility. On the other hand, tempered glass doesn’t affect your device’s visibility. Though matte finish screen guards are good for outdoors, but tempered glass screen protectors are much preferred to them. If you also want to buy a tempered glass screen protector for your device, you can visit Mobile Mob for good choices.


  • Clarity and Sharpness

Tempered glass won’t affect sharpness, image quality and colors of your device. On the contrary, plastic screen guards can affect color and sharpness of your device by obscuring light from your display. Therefore, if you like watching videos and images or are passionate about mobile phone photography, tempered is a must pick for you.


Hope this guide will clarify your doubts pertaining to tempered glass. Before buying a tempered glass for your device, don’t forget to check its quality.  This is because there are various types of tempered glass available in market and you should pick the best one.