Biblical Faith Healing And Its Importance – What Makes It So Precious And Popular?


Well, faith is just not about believing that something will happen before it actually happens. There is much more to it. It is about knowing and believing from heart that provisions have already made for healing and then trusting God to manifest it. So, before we discuss further about it, let us debunk the most common myth believed in church today.

Common myth on faith that needs to be busted

  • Isn’t everything that happens on earth taking place according to the will of God?

If each and everything happening would be a result of God’s will, then we would not have any freewill of our own. Every day we hear news of human sacrifices, rape, murders, etc. Can we dare to say that such things happen as per God’s wish? It is high time that we reconsider this faulty belief. What blasphemy it is against the name of God to accuse him of these horrible things!

What Real Faith is?

Faith actually is a substance of things that are hoped for, the evidence of the things that aren’t seen. In this context, the word substance is referring to confidence or assurance. If we have faith, it means that we are confident in knowing what we hope for will definitely take place.

As said by Chris Oyakhilome, while placing our faith in Jesus Christ for forgiveness of our sins, we know that those sins are actually forgiven. Here, God promises something, and the men of God believe and trust him and take it seriously. They act on promises of God. So, as a result, they are known as men of faith.

The real or genuine faith in Christianity is knowing promises by God, the provisions of work of Jesus Christ on cross, as well as the word of God and accepting that whatever God says relative to those provisions is true without any doubt. In short, Christian faith is all about knowing the will of God and believing it.

Building of faith is therefore very important and that is the main reason why thorough emphasis is given on it at Christ embassy. Lack of faith is when we don’t know will of God and neither believe it to be true.

Faith healing

Faith or divine healing, as said by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is not just about hoping that it is will of God for them to be healed. Our faith requires being childlike where we simply trust or believe that whatever God says is always true.

Unless we will come to God with mind and heart of child, we won’t be experiencing kingdom of God. The mind of adults is full of logic and reasons and they always want intelligent answer, but the mind of child is full of trusting and accepting of whatever is told to them. Even in the Jesus’ ministry, the people were healed due to their faith.

Faith is all about knowing the words and promises of God and believing in them without having even a little bit of doubt. So, it is very important to spend your time in the word daily!