How to Convert Your Weakness into Strength During Audition


Most of the candidates, who appear for audition feel nervous, which is obvious. However, you will be surprised to know that you can use this nervousness as an asset during your audition. There is nothing wrong to feel nervous and need not listen to various advices that people give to get rid of your nervousness.

Our brain has two hemispheres – left hemisphere and right hemisphere. The left hemisphere controls our logic, analysis, planning, rules and judgment while right hemisphere is associated with images, sound, patterns, emotions and creativity. When we prepare for the audition, we use our right brain, but as soon as we appear on the stage, our left brain starts working and we start being judgmental.

As a result, nervousness is developed when a participant appears for Amy Gossels casting. Now how should we shift our left brain thinking towards right, which is called centering? Psychologists have developed following steps to help you train your brain.

  1. Select any focal point

While appearing on the stage, fix some point at a distance and remain focused on it. The point can be any object in front of you and should be below the level of your eye. This will help you to minimize distraction and disable your left brain.

  1. Make a clear intention

Now in your mind decide what you intend to do? Convince yourself why you are here? Say yourself “I will perform brilliantly” instead of saying “I hope I do well”. Never use any negative words like ‘Don’t’, ‘never’ etc.

  1. Take deep breath

Half of your mental stress will disappear when you take deep breath and start breathing normally thereafter.

  1. Release your muscles

You must have observed when you are tense your muscles also tend to get tighter, which shows up on your face. So, release all your muscles. Try to smile a bit.

  1. Find your center

Now, like martial art player find out the centre where all your energy is located. Once you locate the center of energy spot, immediately a feeling of calmness will develop on your face and body movement. This will also completely disable your left side brain.

  1. Practice above steps regularly

You cannot certainly follow all these steps on your first stage appearance. In order to develop this habit, you need to practice these steps by creating a number of difficult scenes and situations. What you utter is not very important, but you will notice how you deliver your words so differently.

You will need to do lots of introspection to find the center of your energy. You can have your own imagination about the location of energy and then try to shift it at your will. For example, if you think that your centre of energy is in your neck then shift your head or eyes and focus on the object that you had chosen in step 1 above.

Initially, it may look very awkward, but if you practice it regularly then all these steps will come to you naturally and your nervousness will turn into your strength.