Cotton Webbing Is More Than Just a Fashion Statement


If you work in the garment industry, you know what cotton webbing is. If you don’t, you’re about to learn what it is. This natural material is used in unique ways because it is highly durable. Natural cotton is weaved in a crisscross pattern to create a strong material that can stand up to unusual weight and wear and tear. Many garment manufacturers have need for cotton webbing at 1.5 inches or 2” cotton webbing for their goods. Here are two uses for this amazing material.


Tote bags are all the rage now. Due to environmental concerns, people have changed the way they cart things, especially their groceries. In fact, in California, voters banned plastic grocery bags during the 2016 election, and people now carry reusable bags to and from the stores to prevent more plastic being thrown into landfills. Not a bad idea from the Golden State.

Heavy grocery bags require handles that will never break, and cotton webbing at 1.5 inches is perfect for the job. Bag manufacturers use this webbing for the tote bag handles because it’s durable and because it’s easy to manipulate during the manufacturing process. Webbing made from cotton cuts and stitches quickly and easily, which means your tote bags will have long-lasting handles in a jiffy.

You also need durable handles on book bags, computer totes and carry-on luggage, and cotton webbing is ready to stand up to the task. Book bags in particular can weigh a ton after the student has filled the tote with his or her textbooks for the day’s classes, so make certain your bags don’t fail by sewing in cotton webbing for the handles.


What makes for a good tote handle will also make for a good belt, and many people prefer a flexible belt to the stiff faux-leather ones. Casual clothing looks even more fashionable with a cotton belt to hold up a pair of cargo pants, for example. Many uniforms include cotton belts as part of their official look, and women love to enhance a long top or t-shirt dress with a beautiful cotton tie belt.

The nice thing about using cotton webbing at 1.5 inches for belts is it ensures the wrap-around accessory is not too big yet not too small. The material is also durable enough to hold up a loose part of pants or skirt without fail. Order your cotton webbing in bulk and receive plenty to have on hand. You’ll use it more than you think you will.