Health Care Services That Are Provided At Home

Health Care Services That Are Provided At Home


While you are thinking of options to care for your family member, there are several ways and terms that you have to go through. As soon as you mention old age homes, many elders say no to them. It gets tougher to put them at ease. SO better explore the options for your elder family member to provide them with the best of services.

There are elder care Studio City you may consider of availing the services from.

Nursing homes / assisted living

Nursing homes have certified professionals for health care services. These are best suited for the ones who need care 24/7.

Assisted living is for those who may live comparatively more independently, but still need looking after. There are various nursing homes that encourage features of assisted living so that the elder feels independent and stay confident doing so on his/ herself. Basic help or the tasks the elderly may not be able to do on their own will be handled by the care givers at such places.

Independent living and care services given at home

This is more of a group of like minded people. They are those elders who have retired and are usually above 60 years of age. Such elders do not need any special help, but need some support to socialize with others. In services like these, there is provision of meals that is given as per the need of the individual.

In home care services, the care may be given as follows:-

  • 24/7
  • For few hours
  • For half day
  • For full day

The services are given flexibly for the needy to use.

Day care centers for adults

Here the supervision and care is provided to the needy during daytime. Through this way, some gap and time is given to the caregiver to relax a bit. These are the programs that are not offered at homes. They are given at proper centers. In such a program not just elders, even kids are made to stay who are in need of special care.

Care at home

It is very tough for an elder to leave their homes only for the reason that they need care. They feel highly emotional and at times show resistance to change. They refuse to move out and it is totally understandable. Home care services are the best services to opt for.

Such services, while maintaining the dignity of the one in need for care, are the best suited.

Caregivers- who are they?

The caregivers are professionally qualified and certified people who give care to the ones at the center or at their respective homes. They are called as:

  • NA – Nursing assistants
  • PN – practical nurses

They do not become so over night. They are those people who have undergone proper educational training and have taken exams too to help them become so.

The need and care your loved one needs, at times you will not be able to provide it. In such cases it is best to seek professional services to have peace of mind.