Important Considerations to Make Before You Invest in A Multi-Family Building


These days, most of the savvy investors choose to invest in real estate market by renting and buying multi-family properties for many reasons. It is solid investment strategy as suggested by Rocco Basile who is one of the most reliable construction experts in New York. However, before you too buy one, there are some important factors to consider ensuring success in your investment. Read on to know them!

Do your math well!

First of all, it is crucial to make sure that your investment will bring you great returns. It needs careful and accurate math. The first step here is to add up the gross income that you tend to receive from all the units on the basis on number of bedrooms as well as the average of the local area rent. After that, deduct 50% of that to cover expenses for the upkeep and marketing, as well as some other aspects of managing multifamily property. Once it is done, you can deduct expected monthly mortgage amount from what you have been left with.

Access to records

Another important factor here is to determine the value of multifamily building is to know how profitable it will be for you. It is very different than the single-family homes where only thing that matters is the sale price. To decide profit on multi-family, you will need records from the seller or owner.

Due Diligence Inspection

Buying anything without proper inspection is definitely a very bad idea. You will definitely want to ensure that you have complete access to look in every corner. Make sure that any deadline for the inspection is tied well to access being granted. In this way, the seller cannot terminate deal by stalling the access. You can even contact building inspector with proper credentials to inspect the building for you.

While it may take time and money, it is beneficial in the long run. After all, you definitely don’t want any undesirable surprises later on that can result in a financial disaster.

Ensure that every unit is inspected individually including attic, every basement, closet, cupboard, cranny, crevice, crawlspace, etc. You can even visit local courthouse to ask about open permits, violations, or any special assessments that are related to your property.


Ensure to evaluate security of the building you are considering to invest and even examine if it is adequate. Are there any intercoms and buzzers? Do all of them work well? After all, you will want to offer your tenants with safe place to live along with protecting your investment and cover the liability as well.

You can even research about crime rates in area. It can be an ideal way to get knowledge about what type of neighborhood the apartment or the building is located in. It will also give you an idea on the types of security most appropriate for it.

According to Rocco Basile, investing in a multi-family housing can be a smart financial decision. Just ensure to do your research well to make sure you are well prepared for intricacies of the entire process.