How Important Are Google Reviews for A Small Business? How to Manage Them?


From deciding the best place to get the clothes of their choice to planning out for a dinner, today, most of the people across the world choose Google. In fact, it is the first contact point between customers and the business. Consumers from around the globe rely on Google reviews to trust any business. “Googling” has entirely changed and the consumers get all the information that they need.

Even as an owner of small business, you may wonder if Google reviews really matter to you. Google’s reviews feature allows the users to write the reviews about business directly. It is favored by search engine and shows up on the relevant search results. Getting more and more Google reviews is one of the best ways for your business to have good online presence.

Why do you need to care about the Google reviews?

One of the major reasons why you should care about Google reviews as a businessperson is because Google is indeed important. They are here to stay. For instance, if you search about the florists in your hometown, the ones having Google reviews will likely appear in the results bar on top.

How can Google influence your business?

  • Improves local SEO

If your small business receives Google reviews, it can ultimately result in improved SEO. This supports the fact that over 90% of the people use reviews to make buying decision. Google reviews are highly favored by the search engine. So, if you want a good online presence of your business, start getting more and more Google reviews!

  • Getting ahead of competition

Suppose someone is new in some area and want to dine out, what they will search on the Internet? Well, customer reviews about some restaurant will likely be the first thing that they will see. More positive reviews will influence them to choose your business over others. In this way, Google reviews can indeed be a tiebreaker between the businesses.

Tips for getting Google reviews and managing them

So, now you are fully committed to improve your Internet presence after knowing the importance of the Google reviews, isn’t it? The following are some of the most essential tips to get them.

Ask your clients or customers for their valuable feedback and encourage them for sharing their thoughts on your business online. The best way for it is a follow-up email to the new customers that includes your Google+ business page. In this way, the customers will also feel special knowing that you indeed value their input.

Monitor the reviews that are made online in terms of your business at regular intervals. What you should do if you encounter negative reviews that are false? Well, respond to the negative comments calmly. It is important to remember that there is nothing wrong with occasional negative review.

You just need to respond in a professional manner and use those comments as a stepping stone towards improved service. If it doesn’t work, you can contact Aaron Minc, who is an expert attorney that has specialized in the area of online defamation. Get his legal advice and you are sure to get your business back on track online!

Google has proved that online reviews really matter. So, make sure to have all your procedures in place to make sure you are getting the best reviews for your business.