Improve Your Billing Process With Coding Audits


Processing and coding medical charts is a time-consuming, complicated task that can devour man-hours and delay your billing cycle. Finding a platform that speeds up coding audits and gives you access to faster, cleaner recordsfrees up your staff to focus on patients and clients. This allows you to streamline your revenue cycle and speed up payment turnaround. You can also feel more confident that you won’t have errors that cause delays.

When you select a business process outsource partner, there are many things to consider to find the right one for your company. Finding BPO company that works with your business’ interest in mind creates a partnership and helps you build a lasting, profitable relationship that will give you an edge in controlling costs and delivering better results. Working with a BPO company that understands the intricacies of the auditing process and the challenges that come with medical coding ensures you’ll receive the desired result when you send your work through the provider’s platform.

A Network of Support

Coding audits require multiple sets of eyes to review the same documents. This is inherently expensive, time-consuming and potentially problematic if your auditing team isn’t up to speed. Using a platform that provides comprehensive, real-time medical coding audits and comprehensive compliance reporting helps ensure your coding process runs smoothly.

You can find software platforms that support medical coding audits with active peer reviews and additional expertise. These platforms may also provide specific coding for all types of medical charts and built-in functionality for additional reviews and audits of the entire process. These tools are all designed to give you a comprehensive and proactive auditing system to minimize errors.

Faster Turn Around, Faster Payment

Using a platform that simplifies your coding audits helps you turn charts into active billing. Medical coding software can perform pre-billing audits to help prevent errors and billing delays before feeding directly into your billing system. These processes can be customized to your specific coding and billing needs to give you a more focused, comprehensive platform to provide easy workflow.

Choosing a BPO company that works with you to craft a targeted solution with a customized platform and resources helps to build your business more quickly with predictable, positive results. Getting your pre-billing audits done quickly, correctly and efficiently helps you turn medical charts and patients into active billing more quickly. Using tools to perform audits more accurately ensures you are able to collect on billing statements quickly, which helps you drive revenues and grow your bottom line.