Is Your Dog Charged With Some Case - Learn How to Defend It in Dog Court

Is Your Dog Charged With Some Case – Learn How to Defend It in Dog Court


Some dogs will not stop barking every time they see new face, other than their family members. Sometimes they even might lunge on people such as pedestrians, mailmen, kids from neighborhood etc. This behavior of the dogs might not only scare away the kids from coming anywhere nearby your property, but the post office will also refuse to deliver the mails that are addressed to the owners.

The increased nuisance from such dogs in a neighborhood makes it necessary for the animal control to step in and warn the owners. If the same thing continues, then they might even fine the owners or end up taking legal action against the dog like summons from the “dog court”. The same procedure is followed even for the dogs with the history of biting.

Most of the times, the dogs that are charged with the biting cases will make the owner liable for cleaning up the aftermath that follows the charges. If you are a dog owner with the biting charges on your dog, then here are some tips that can help you defend your pet in the court.

  • The laws that are applied while charging your dog with a case varies as per the severity of its act. The type of charges includes –
  • Administrative dog bite law
  • Criminal dog bite law

Every dog court proceeds according to the administrative law, wherein it will be decided whether to let you keep the pet or to take it away and keep under surveillance.

  • Every state defines own rules and laws that will be applicable in the dog court of that particular jurisdiction. Such rules also include special laws that will be derived based on the dogs that act dangerously. Hence, when your dog is charged with any crime, it becomes your responsibility to understand all applicable rules in that particular state, before replying for the summons.
  • In most of the states, the animal control services will either work in favor of animals or people. To put in simply, the right type of law to punish the dog will be chosen in each dog court based on two parameters.
  • Save animal from the people by keeping it somewhere safe.
  • Save people from the animal by taking necessary actions.

The concern of the authorities in your case, and also their view in the case will help you find a right way to defend your dog. If the animal control department from your locality does not wish to euthanize your dog, then use their concern towards the dog in your favor.

  • Next tactic is to use the course of judgment in such a way that it turns into your favor. You can make use of some tactics such as,
  • Affirmative defense – wherein you prove that it was the victim who actually provoked the dog.
  • Denial – wherein you completely deny the charges, by stating that it never happened.
  • Violating the Process Rights – wherein you prove that the citation produced by the opposite party was wrongly filled.

Dog bite issues usually happen when the owner fails to keep closer eye on their pet. If you are a citizen of San Diego and suffering from same issue, then find a dog bite attorney in San Diego to defend your pet in the dog court.