How Much Space Does My Small Business Website Need?


When you are searching for hosting for your small business website, how do you determine the right website hosting plans and website pricing for your business? There can be a few primary considerations when evaluating your needs for a small business website: space, bandwidth, and databases. Space is how much data your website can hold, bandwidth can determine how much traffic your site will handle, and databases are often required for any additional features.

Most web hosts have a tiered system of packages which offer more features at higher tiers, but certain website features might require a higher level of service. Most hosts allow users to upgrade at any time, but you should start with a level of website pricing and service that can handle the features you want. A business website with a physical location that does not plan to offer products online may have all its needs met with a basic hosting package.

If your business requires e-commerce software to sell products online or if you want to include scheduling, accounting, or community features, your website may need a higher tier of hosting which can handle the features you want to use. If your business is already established, and you anticipate regular traffic from the beginning, you may also need more bandwidth than the average small business website. Many community features such as discussion forums require extra databases to store their information. E-commerce and online catalogs may require extra space, extra bandwidth, extra databases, and a host that offers reputable e-commerce software as part of their hosting package.

Some website hosts offer additional features as part of their hosting packages. Most hosts offer a selection of software which can be instantly installed and configured into your website. These can include discussion forums, live chat platforms for customers to contact you, or social media integration. Website builders that allow you to build a website quickly and easily without coding knowledge can also be a common feature. Other features that hosts might offer can help your business market your new website and the physical location of your business.

There can be a danger of having too many features that overwhelm your visitors or cause your site to slow down. Focusing on a few features that enhance the experience of your visitors can help to make your visitors’ experience more pleasant. Finding the right level of hosting for your website may take some time but your website host can help you evaluate your needs to find the right website pricing and package for you.