Online Reputation Management – Common Misleading Notions Dispelled


Business feedback was private, some time ago. They could see how their brand was doing from the consumer’s point of view without giving a hint to their prospective guests or competitors about what their consumers were complaining.

Today, consumers write their experience on the internet, which can be visible to all. Looking for online reviews has become a practice of basically every consumer. It does not matter, if they wish to buy furniture, appliance or a flight ticket.

Bad experience is shared on social sites with friends. In case, your business has provided high calibre service for years then it gets outweighed with a single bad review from an unsatisfied consumer.

Well-crafted bad review posted online has changed the possibility of getting viral because businesses are now taking proactive steps to ensure that their image stays clean.

Online reputation management has become crucial. There are some, who wildly misread its significance. These perceptions are commonly held by those, who are totally unaware about the reality.

Some prevailing online reputation management notions are dispelled in this blog. These myths are misleading you, especially on how to handle your online image, in the best way.

Misleading notion – “Online reputation management consumes lots of time”

This notion appears to be true for some because it takes time. Internet is immense and never sleeps, so to conceptualize it is impossible. For global companies, it takes plenty of man hours because they need to monitor each corner to identify where their repute may take a thrashing but for small and individual businesses, this activity is not so challenging.

Just apply, the old saying, ‘Work smartly but very hard’. Find exclusive monitoring tools and take regular actions in building a solid and optimistic online image. Few hours each month is enough or if money is not an issue then you can look for reliable professionals.

Erroneous belief – “Online reputation is not in my control”

You cannot control what someone posts about your business or organization online but you can control the level of impact those allegations can have on your business.

Your response to poor comment or review can be more forceful than the original remark. So learn to respond with grace, discuss issues tactfully, and if necessary apologize. These doings will display on how your business is perceived online.

Misapprehension – “Your first priority is to remove bad reviews”

Bad reviews cause frustration and even damages but spending time and money to remove it is the worst decision. The first phase of damage has already started, so address the negative review causes. Listen to the feedback and evaluate your business to see why negative feedbacks are appearing in the first place. It is necessary to change things, which are within your control. This will affect your online reputation vastly in a positive way.

Misconception – “Internet posts remain forever”

This is factual but not the whole truth. It is hard to remove material from the internet but when you say it is unfeasible then it is definitely wrong.

If the published information about your business or you is illegal or inaccurate then it can be certainly removed from active web. It is an involved process but you can take help from reputation infringement lawyers like Aaron Minc. Read his success stories on https://meyersroman.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Minc-Aaron-Bio-201706.pdf

There are many false impressions held by several people. Reputation management is a MUST for businesses small or large and even individual, alike.