Practical Uses for Military Belts


All-Purpose Tool

A military belt is more than fashion. For outdoorsmen and women, military belts can keep supplies off the ground, help carry firewood, assist someone in an emergency, and come in handy on any venture. Rather than having to memorize knots, using military-style belt buckles from wholesale suppliers can ensure safety for you and your loved ones. Hungry grizzlies will think twice about touching your meals when the grub is several feet in the air, suspending the food by a military-grade belt. You can also use a belt as an emergency tourniquet. Having quality material makes the difference.

DIY Decoration and Decor

Army spouses rejoice. Taking one of your partner’s military belt buckles and using it to spice up the home, office, or man/woman cave will liven things up. When the holidays come around, plaques to commemorate service time and decorated photograph frames are two gift ideas. And there are plenty of household uses for belts as well. Use some to hold curtains together or breathe new life into an old footstool by fastening on a pillow. Try replacing your purse or netbook bag strap with an army belt. Adding lashing straps—otherwise known as “backpack” webbing—will give you the security of a safety harness. With that, your laptop might make it through basic training.

Child Safety

As previously mentioned, you can use military belts to replace straps on your purse or bag. The fun doesn’t stop there. For those of you who have kids, you know how hard it can be to keep things tied down. Things that should stay put tend not to. Keeping your work computer safe from children can be a major concern. Use a belt to keep it in place when you’re not using it. Adding belts to your wall for tool storage might keep the kids away from hammers and power drills. Adding a military belt buckle to your wall, as a substitute for a baby gate, might help keep the young ones at bay. They can crawl underneath and when they do, teach them to play limbo.

DIY Repairs

Modifying a tool case with some military style belt buckles from wholesale suppliers can breathe new life into an old friend. Even if your toolset did not come with any clips, adding one or two belt buckles can help keep things together. Flip-top and box-frame style belt buckles are nice for ease of access, especially when you need to regularly swap tools. Pet lovers may want to add belt buckles as locks to their cages, keeping their critters inside and safe from harm. For better security, make sure to utilize material that meets military specification. Your pets will thank you.