Reasons Why You Should Use Lightboxes for Advertising


Every retail business knows that an effective and well-targeted advertisement can make a huge impact on sales. Advertising in-house is as important as external marketing when it comes to promotion of specific services or products. One of the easiest ways to display postersinside business premises is with well-mounted LED lightboxes. You can look at www.jansen-display.co.ukand get amazing deals on your purchase of lightboxes.

Why Use Lightboxes?

Lightboxes are one of the popular ways to advertise inside business premises. Corporate signage and promotional posters that utilize a combination of both color and illumination are a better way to catch the eye of a potential customer than any other non-illuminated sign or poster. Lightboxes have proven to be an effective tool for displaying signs and they can be used for outdoor advertising, train station timetables and noticeboards, bar and pub promotions, nightclub, trade shows or exhibitions, restaurant signage and menu boards.

Benefits of Using Lightboxes

Various market researchers have already proved that an illuminated advert can attract much more consumer attention, making your marketing more successful and giving you a better return on investment. Here are some more of the benefits you’ll find when using lightboxes…

  • First, the frames of lightboxes are sleek and neat and add more of an upmarket feel to any simple poster. You can order a custom frame in any color so as to go with your content colors and your brand image..
  • The edge-lit illumination can cast a glow that brings the whole poster to life, making text even more visible and colors brighter in non-lit areas. The glowing colors would catch more attention of customers than an unlit poster.
  • Lightboxes used to get lit by fluorescent tubes, but the use of LEDs make them more energy efficient and can reduce the amount of energy used by one third compared to the old boxes.
  • Also, while accessing the display costs, you need to consider that LEDs last longer than the fluorescent tubes. On an average, tubes would need charging after every 18,000 hours of display, while the LEDs would last up to 1, 00,000 hours. It can reduce the replacement as well as maintenance cost.
  • LED lightboxes are much slimmer than old fluorescent tubes. This means they take up less space, stick out less from the wall and can also be used in narrow hallways and corridors.
  • Modern lightboxes are easy to access and the posters can be changed efficiently and quickly. Indoor LED displays can have a snap frame or simple magnetic frame. For external use, they usually have a lock or secure fastening to make sure that only authorized staff can have access.



All in all, LED lightboxes are an effective tool for displaying content to push sales and promote products or services. Illuminated signs and displays can catch more attention of customers than non-illuminated signs and so can lead to more sales. Lightboxes should be considered as a great investment for a company who is looking to increase sales revenue and brand awareness.