Things To Know About Facebook Marketing For Small And Midsize Businesses


The Small and Midsize Businesses or in short SMB has limited funds for marketing and promoting themselves and their products. The social networking platform Facebook with over 2 billion users worldwide provides a strong tool for brand building and marketing.

Learning more about FB marketing for SMB helps in overcoming the limitation of funds and provides access to a large market across the globe. The below mentioned things should be kept in mind for strengthening the marketing and brand building activities on Facebook.

Setting up a Facebook page

The initial step for any marketing campaign on Facebook is setting up your Facebook page. One of the important parts of this process is acquiring a Vanity URL. There are various simple online services available that allow you to check Facebook extensions that are available without expending time or money on the search. Once your Facebook page is active, you are ready to reach the other users of Facebook to promote your brand and products.

Facebook posts boosting tools

One of the important parts of a Facebook marketing campaign is creating and publishing contents on their Facebook page and promoting them to other Facebook users. This is a time-consuming and expensive process that requires a specialized skill set. Using an online Facebook post boosting tool allows the SMB to this in automation and non-expensive manner.

You only need to setup an account with the Facebook post boosting tool provider to start a boosting campaign for their Facebook page. The cost of such a tool is low and allows the user to promote their business easily with minimal investment of time and money. The various benefits of using such a tool are as follows

  • You can setup a Facebook marketing campaign in minutes by using basic settings
  • If you have the technical expertise, you can utilize the advanced settings to promote your business
  • The tool automatically selects the best posts from your Facebook page and boosts them
  • It automatically analyses the usage statistics and insights to optimize the cost per click and overall performance.

Integrating different social media accounts

It’s a time consuming task to access various social media accounts and sharing the contents across them. Different third party platforms allow the integration of all your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn through a single user interface. These platforms allow a user to publish once and easily distribute the content across their social media account and boost the content.

Application publishing platforms

There are many services that provide pre-developed application that can be launched from your Facebook page. The visuals and content of these apps can be easily managed by you and you get options of many free applications from these services. You need to setup a tab application or two on your page so that users land on a page that’s engaging and informative rather than on your Facebook wall.

Apart from these, there are various other tools like Facebook social plugins, Facebook insights, and buying Facebook ads that help you in marketing and promoting your business as well as in analyzing the effect of your efforts. There are various low cost or free tools available to help in your marketing campaign. Researching them online can help you to learn more about FB marketing for SMB.