Top Tips To Build Muscles For A V-Shaped Body


If you are a contestant in a bodybuilding competition, you will probably understand how important a V-shaped body is. In fact, it will put one in a great advantage to win, as more points come from the arms, shoulders, and chest. Such a body does not grow overnight and requires great determination to achieve. So, if you are still wondering how to get such a body, the tips highlighted below will help.

Using reliable steroids

Legit steroids are hard to get in a market flooded with thousands of fake products. However, with the relevant knowledge, one can still get useful steroids. Try one of these:

Injectable anabolic steroids

If you are looking to build muscles fast and in a healthy way, then this option offers a gateway. It’s worth mentioning that injectable steroids at SFX are the best in the market and have helped many bodybuilders to achieve V-shaped bodies; you can try them, too.

Oral anabolic steroids

With many options on the market today, getting the best consumable steroids can be an uphill task. One needs to be sure that they will help to achieve their goals; thus, the seller you choose matters a lot. If they are not working well after use, then stop or change to another type from a reliable seller.

 Take workouts seriously

Bodybuilders and those with an intention to get a V-shaped body spend most of their time in a gym. An experienced personal trainer or manager will make a schedule with a series of exercises to help achieve your goals. The following activities will help:

Push ups

Now that you have decided you need a V-shaped physique, pushups need to be your best friend. They help the arms, chest, and shoulders gain muscles effectively. Just enough series every day will do the magic.


As you gain on the upper body, the lower part needs also to gain for proportionality; thus, squats, whether plain or with a weight, will help the thighs and legs alike.

Weight lifts

Different series and modes of lifting targeting different areas are very effective. In fact, more people spend more time on them, as guided by the coach. Whether standing or lying, all will help to aggressively work out the biceps and triceps. With great determination, one can achieve the results faster than they think.

The diet

Food is the source of energy and nutrients to fuel the body into all the above activities. As a matter of fact, a diet is the starting point and center of success for any bodybuilder.

Proteins like eggs, legumes, meat, and dairy products are the best source of nutrients to build the body. An experienced nutrition expert can draw a daily menu, which should have more protein than any other food. Protein shakes are crucial in between meals, as they nourish and help to achieve goals faster.


Determination will drive the initiate to get a V-shaped body until one achieves it; therefore, double it as you also plan well on how to carry out the discussed activities.