Types Of Men’s Gold Chain Links Jewellery For Festivals and Ethnic Ceremonies


Men wear jewellery only on a certain occasion. A few men wear jewellery on a daily basis. Jewellery designs for men are less intricate and elaborate. They are simple and have a practical motif. You will not find finer motifs in men’s jewellery designs. Gold chain for men has chunkier designs available with lesser variations.


Available in gold and silver, men’s gold chain designs are usually made in rope, ball, and beads design. These are the most common types of designs found in the men’s jewellery. Choose the right fabric and color when you have to wear gold jewellery. They also look good on rocker chic and leather clothing.

Gold chain link designs give the rugged look

  1. Gold chain links designs are available in the motifs of rope, box, and artistic scribbles.
  2. These designs are made with excellent craftsmanship.
  3. Jewellery links are connected together and a chain is constructed.
  4. Men’s jewellery designs are not complicated.
  5. They do not look elegant but look authentic and tasteful.
  6. Men’s jewellery is made in a variety of metals.
  7. Gemstones or semi-precious stones are rarely used.
  8. The designs have a uniform motif throughout.
  9. Men’s jewellery has designs that do not have variations in umpteen categories.
  10. They are eye-catching designs that can also give a unisex appeal.
  11. Custom chains, and chains in gold, silver, diamond, steel, and other metals are available.

Gold chains is a good investment

Men who wear gold jewellery occasionally can also buy men’s gold chain as an investment. When you buy jewellery made it gold, it comes with a guarantee and value that only increases over time. Gold chain designs are available in multi-color metals apart from previous metal.

Men of all age groups can wear these designs. They look much better on ethnic clothing. Avoid wearing them with formal clothing, unless you want to look like Jazzy-G or any of those pop stars.

Gold chains and jewellery adorned by pop stars

You can associate gold chain with Bappi Lahri, the singer popular for flaunting a lot of gold jewellery. Custom made gold links are available like the moon cut, herringbone, etc. Choose a gold chain of any length that suits your taste.

Longer gold chains are a better option than choosing a design that is not subtle. These chains can also fit in pendants and other jewellery knick knacks if you go for custom designs. Lengths of the gold chains vary from 24 inches to 26 inches.

Check out for gold rates in your local state before you place a customized order. When you purchase gold chains online in the men’s section, the rates may be different from your local state as the cost of manufacturing varies. Gold jewellery for men is considered one of the easiest choices of making an investment.


You can choose design that is inspired from various countries of the world. You can also gift jewellery on any occasion. The range starts from 10k gold and will not burn your pockets. All the gold jewellery items come with a guarantee.