Unique Ways to Use Granite and Marble


Marble and granite are spoken about when designing a kitchen or bathroom, but these materials can be used in other settings as well. In Roswell, granite bathroom countertops can be used for a desk or laundry room in your home or place of business. These are versatile materials that bring a touch of elegance to any room they inhabit. To get a better idea, here are some places you can use granite and marble.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

These two places can’t be overlooked when talking about marble and granite. Countertops look great when they are made from this stylish and durable material. In your bathroom, marble looks great in your shower or as a wall accent. In your kitchen, marble and granite countertops serve as a standout centerpiece or to accent your existing pieces. These are the most common used of granite and marble, but there are many more.

More in the Home

Before looking at place outside your home, there are a few more places where granite or marble can feature prominently. One is your laundry room, where a simple granite shelf can hold soaps and ironing equipment. Custom granite countertops in Roswell can also be used in a home office to create a more professional atmosphere which is useful if your home job requires clients to come visit.

Office Foyers With Impact

If you run a business or manage a building, then you know the foyer is where clients and customers get their first idea of what you are about. A solid piece of marble is a great way to show your professional and upscale side. Marble can also be used to accent different places within your foyer for a beautiful decorative element. Visit a showroom to get an idea of the colors and styles available, they can suit practically any environment.

Dental Offices That Shine

Dental and other medical offices can create a clean look with simple, solid-colored granite or marble. The high-quality durability means it can stand up to abuse even in offices that treat children. Cleanliness is important in a medical environment, so keep your marble or granite clean using the proper methods. When properly cared for, these materials will last a long time in your medical office.

Make an Upscale Bakery

Your baked goods are what you are highlighting in your shop, but having a professional backdrop for those goods is a major bonus. Custom granite countertops in Roswell are a great way to turn your bakery into a hot hangout spot or the go-to place for locals when they need a sugar fix. This also applied to ice cream and frozen yogurt shops.

Roswell granite bathroom countertops can be used in many places, both in and out of the home. Foyers, medical offices and sweet shops can use granite and marble to transform their environment into one that is sophisticated and functional. You can also use these materials in your home office or laundry room. Find a showroom near you to see what kind of countertops you can add to your home or workplace.