Forklift Batteries

Ways to Ensure Your Forklift Batteries Last For a Longer Time


Often people forgot maintaining the battery due to ignorance or carelessness. The battery is considered as the fuel tank of the forklift. It is a major aspect that contributes towards costs, performance, security and the life of the forklift.

Proper charging and maintenance of a forklift battery can increase the life of a battery. This in turn helps you use it for a longer time. In this article, we will learn how to take care of the batteries in the best way.

Proper Charging

It is advisable to charge the battery once in every eight hours. One can also charge the battery, if it has discharged beyond 30 %. After every five to ten charges, you should choose the equalize option or weekend charge option. This will help batteries by keeping their cell voltages constant and in line.

Also, when charging the battery ensures that the place is properly ventilated.  Do not charge the battery more than 80% as it will lower its life expectancy. It is advisable to ensure that a discharged battery is charged soon. If it remains in discharged state for long time periods, then it will result into hard sulphation and reduce the performance of the battery. There are various repair manuals that provide beneficial information on battery charging.

Checking the levels of Fluid

Repair manuals are a useful guide and a storehouse of simple self-maintenance tools and tips that help you learn about the forklift battery. This significantly increases the life time and savings of a battery.

It is advisable to monitor the levels of water in the machine and top up properly every ten charges in the initial few years. For reconditioned battery, you would require to do it after every five charges. When topping a battery, cover one fourth amount of it by the plastic element protector.

It is important to leave some additional space for expansion on the completion of the charge. Always use clean and pure water for battery top up. Avoid topping up your battery prior to performing a charge. Also check that the level of fluid is above the plastic element protector post charge.

Care should be taken while topping up the battery. It is advisable not to over fill it as it could lead to issues on the next charge. Repair manuals on provide all the necessary information on various aspects in a lucid way. These helpful resources keep the battery and the machine in the best working condition.


In case of over overspills of a battery, you should clean it immediately with water and baking soda. This will prevent rusting on upper and lower areas of the battery. It is recommended to rinse the batteries every six months to remove the residue of acid from the battery.

A large number of forklifts run using power. The batteries used in these machines are very costly. To save from changing them in small time period, it is advisable to maintain it properly. This will not just reduce the expense, but also lengthens the life span of the forklift machine and the battery.