Why You Need to Plan A Sundarban Tour Soon?


The Sundarban is the largest mangrove forest of the world. It is a mist-shrouded, river swamp region of the variable tides with man-eating tigers and off-the-beat track adventure. The Sundarbans are bounded by two heavily populated countries i.e. Bangladesh and India. Sundarbans is a wild terrain with many river channels and beautiful serene beauty.

Why go to Sundarban?

The star attraction of Sundarbans is the Royal Bengal tiger. Over 400 of these brilliant and beautiful Royal Bengal Tigers call Sundarbans their home. This makes it the biggest single population of tigers on the earth. Despite their reputation as man-eaters, they are still very difficult to spot, but the thrill of trying to track one down is hard to exaggerate and even if you don’t get to see none still, simply sitting on the deck of your boat while floating through thick mangrove forests is an unforgettable mesmerizing experience.


How to see the Sundarbans?

The Sundarbans is shared about 60-40 between Bangladesh and India. So, you can visit it from either of the country. Though the India side is easily accessible than Bangladesh, but Bangladesh offers you with the chance to explore the forests of Sundarbans with more depth. There are many Sundarban package tours that can be booked for travelling and exploring the Sundarbans. The Sundarban Tour is well designed as per the needs and requirements of the people. There are many Sundarban Tour that are planned taking in mind both India and Bangladesh.

Sundarban Package Tour from Bangladesh

There is a small river port of Mongla, from where you can organise a cheap and exciting day trip. You don’t have to pre- book it or anything, you just go to Mongla and ask around and get a trip to Sundarbans. From Mongla to go to Dhaka, you can take either a train or a bus and arrive there.

Sundarban Package Tour from Kolkata

Once can always explore the Indian side of Sundarbans from Kolkata with day trips, overnight trips and safari tours. You will find many tour companies that offer you with many packages to Sundarbans.

When to go?

The best time for Sundarban Travel is the winter months from October to February. The temperature in these months can be of about 15-25 degree and there can also be some little rain. The reason for the place being so green and beautiful is the summer rains. Summer Rains take place in between June and August. Due to the rains, the place is not ideal for visiting as the rains causes floods that can rain your travelling plans.

If you’re planning to visit Sundarbans, then this is the best time to do so. You can visit sundarban.tours and book the ideal Sundarban Tour according to your budget and days for travel. You will find many packages to suit your requirements.